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Who is k?


K is the home of hubby and wife team, Bill and Chrissy Kovnat, who own a custom studio in Cherry Hill, NJ, 15 minutes away from Philadelphia.  We  offer  modern photography for  our portrait,event, and commercial clients. Whether we shoot portraits at our studio or on location, our style is relaxed, and full of humor, waiting  to capture moments and expressions that define you and tell your story.  We are portrait artists and storytellers, and masters of light.

WE LOVE OUR JOB.                                                                                                                                                                                                             WE WANT YOU TO LOVE YOUR IMAGES.



Yes I met him at a wedding.  Yes I was a bridesmaid and he was the photographer.  Yes he was buds with the groom and the bride was my bff.  The rest is history.

And yes I was SO excited to change my name from Valeo to Kovnat, so I didn’t have to wait anymore in those long alphabetical lines, I do love K!


Bill’s history is long. He’s been doing this awhile, won many awards, and continues to perfect his art.  Besides being a photographer he is also a teacher in our community and has touched the lives of so many families over the years(and they have touched his life in soooo  many ways!), it’s hard to go anywhere in the area without him bumping into one of his students. People know Bill as a fun, quirky, loving guy who takes beautiful images and loves people, which basically means you always have fun with him at our sessions and events. He loves chaos, shooting it, organizing it, and I have to say, he is probably better than anyone in the world at diffusing stress at an event, ask any of our customers! Between teaching and having the studio, there doesn’t leave much time for hobbies – besides cherishing family time with our daughters and dog on  those rare weekends off we love to savor. And Yes, once a Beatles fan, always a Beatles fan.

I bring the feminine side to our business, which makes for a great marriage! We see things differently but that’s what makes a great team; he loves glossy, I love matte, he loves his Fish Eye lens, I love my 50mm1.4!  Our sense of humor runs through our images and our business, and I think that’s what makes us different. We take images that tell your story, but we love to inject the humor of life into them.   When I’m not busy at the studio, I’ll be in Philly on a food adventure! Food is sacred to me so I am definitely a food snob – and proud of it! I’m sure you’ve been to some of my favorite addictions ( Capogiro, Vedge, Zahav, World Cafe Live,The Pour House(Smuttynose Porter rocks!). Whenever our daughters are in town, we’re off exploring galleries and pop art.


We are lucky to have Nicole and Robin assist us in creating a warm environment where our customers can trust that we will always be friendly, accomodating, and accessible. Our goal is when their photographic journey with us is over, they will have an heirloom to cherish for years.

ROBIN is our office guru, our bookeeper, manager, and is our liason for our school photography. And when she’s not working, she’s stalking Dexter but she’ll never admit it! NICOLE is my graphic design DIVA, collaborating with  me on our album and custom card designs, as well as being an assistant photographer at our events. NO ONE loves parties more than Nicole, she rocks at being our photobooth photographer! When she’s not working, she is at absolutely EVERY music festival there is, from here to Tennessee!


Thanks for stopping by, why don’t you drop us a line?